Gold Nouveau: LoveGold at Couture 2013

Gold dagger necklace by Pamela Love at LoveGold's stage at Couture 2013

Gold dagger necklace by Pamela Love at LoveGold’s stage at Couture 2013


I’ve attended Jewelry Market Week for the last several years, and each year I look forward to Couture, the luxury show boasting both top and emerging designers, design houses, and some of the most innovative artists in the jewelry world. But this year, one incredible “booth” stole the show, LoveGold.

When you first walk into Couture, you see a jaw-dropping array of luxury booths holding the most stunning designer jewelry you’ll ever see–all in one place. But this year, towards the back of the Wynn’s gorgeous Lafite ballroom, LoveGold’s spacious white stage displayed an incredible array of gold jewels in an almost surreal landscape.

As someone who craves wide open spaces–and who craves gold jewelry like nothing else–LoveGold’s stage at Couture was my absolute favorite. And when I say that LoveGold’s all-white stage was almost surreal, that’s because it struck me as the most groundbreaking jewelry display I’ve ever seen. A huge, white rotunda (command-central) was adorned with iPads for playing and sharing, a photo-booth allowed us to vamp and share our own gold looks, and a lounge area and bar revived us with great coffee and a place to relax. It was so modern, so futuristic that we were reminded that hey! we are living IN the future. I really expected a computerized voice à la Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey to guide us through collections, But as the first decades of the 21st century are all about human-to-human sharing, we had the pleasure of being greeted by a very live and knowledgeable Damian Chiam of LoveGold. is the World Gold Council’s incredible campaign designed to share the love of gold. And the site does a fabulous job of curating images and comments from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, large publications, and blogs. Its gorgeous interface is all style and gold. recently live-streamed The Ultimate Gold Collection Fashion Show, which was part of amfAR’s gala at Cannes. The show featured gold jewelry looks from designers, including Bulgari, Coomi, Pamela Love, and Kimberly McDonald. All of these were displayed at LoveGold at Couture! So when I stepped onto the stage, I felt like I had dived into LoveGold’s website headfirst. And after hanging out, enjoying their killer photo booth, and seeing some my favorite jewels from the fashion show, I didn’t want to leave. But luckily I didn’t have to–I can get my fix at


Cuff Love at LoveGold

I loved so many jewels at LoveGold, but oh how I loved the cuffs…

  • Hilat 24k gold and diamond ring by Hilat

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